Big Income Games (BIG) DAO was forged by like minded people – we love crypto, especially the decentralised flavour.

We encompass all kinds of skill sets and experience appropriate to making killer decisions in the gaming MARKET and returning some of that edge back to the fam.

Influencers are forever compelling us to “do your own research”.

This is sage advice, however, we’re all different; expert at some things, crap AT others, usually because it bores us.

So, we retreat to Google and research, usually focussing on the parts of research we like to do; tokes guys won’t play the game; Gamers won’t work out the tokes, and so on.

Game industry research requires a multitude of skills and talents and more often than not, a lot of time to uncover the best decisions.

Retail’s nemesis, Institutions, have a team of professional experts that contributes to every decision Institutions make, giving them an (unfair?) edge. Their mischief knows no limits;

they have a Goliath type grip on David’s nutsack, Retail’s gonads and the markets short and curlies, especially in crypto, where low market caps and liquidity create opportunities for these behemoths to kick Retail’s ass.

The BIG DAVE database, dubbed The People’s Database (by us, granted), is our first shot out of the sling, with many more tools being readied.

Utilising easy to understand metrics to quantify the research and create an overall traffic light view of the project, enables astute, but swift, investment decisions for the lazy and hurried.