Summary 50 by YIPXYZ (
“Ready your Champions for battle! Collect, train, equip and manage your own stable of brave and brutal gladiators. Define your own story, and influence the world of Massina. Who will you become? A battle master, an ingenious alchemist, a rich Imperial business magnate? Enter a player-driven fantasy world of arena-based combat where death is real— but so are the rewards.

In Massina, they worship the god of combat. Blood on the sand is the sacrifice, as legends are made in the Colosseum Eternal. Bring honor and power to your House by competing with other players for fortune and glory. Make new allies, venture out together into Massina, and experience an immersive world, with taverns, games, adventure and political intrigue. Together, we will build the kingdom of Massina— full of risk, wealth, and possibility.”

26 Sep 2022

New Action RPG on Blockchain 70 by Pablo (

January 20 2023 update: The team moved from Jam City to a completely new company called Plai Labs and all the team members remain on board. Another news is that a16z is their first official investor although no exact amount was disclosed.

Champions Asension is a new Action RPG game developed by Jam City, a very important videogames company that created several successful games, especially on mobile. The team raised huge amount of money since their inception and it should hopefully help them achieve their goals.

The game is being developed for PC only but there could be more versions for Mac and mobile phones in the future, you can play the game with mouse & keyboard but there is also a full controller compatibility.

The team released their pre-alpha combat version in November 2022, only the holders of Prime Eternal Champions NFT were able to access it at the beginning but right now anyone with an invitation from other players can try the game also (you can find some invitations on Discord), the first impressions were kind of mixed as the gameplay is a bit stiff and slow, the graphics look just ok although it’s just a pre-alpha version.

The team released a whitepaper earlier this year and there is actually not not too much info in it, we did learned from it that there will be 3 different tokens in the game which we find excessive and unnecesary, there is a mention that they’ve planned to create even more tokens in the future which is a pretty odd decision.

The core of the game will consist in fighting against other players on the arena but there will also be a big world to explore and hang out with other players called Massina which will grow with time offering several side quests and challenges.

The community engagement is pretty good and the team is very active on their social media, especially on Twitter.

The first and most important NFT collection in Champions Ascension is Prime Eternal Champions collection made of 7622 unique NFTs, if you own at least one of them you’ll receive several perks. Apart from Prime Eternal there will be 3 more Champion tiers but none of them will have so many advantages. During Q1 2023 they conducted a free mint of their latest NFT collection called Elementals and it was a very successful mint, right now it has high volume on Opensea of more than 250ETH in less than 2 months.

There are several videos explaining how to play the game as well as some detailed articles about combats made by the team which can be really helpful for the beginners.

Breeding will be available in the near future and even here the Prime Eternal collection will have some big advantages over other tiers.


27 Dec 2022 – 16 Feb 2023

Champions Ascension

Strengths 50 by YIPXYZ (
  • Game under development by JAMCITY STUDIOS
  • Great looking graphics
  • in depth economy with multiple tokens

26 Sep 2022

Champions Ascension Strengths 70 by Pablo (
  • Very talented team
  • Important investors involved
  • Very good community engagement

27 Dec 2022

Champions Asension Weaknesses 50 by Pablo (
  • Too many tokens in the economy
  • Combat looks pretty basic at the moment
  • Team laid off 20% of their staff
  • Almost no info about partnerships or guilds

27 Dec 2022 – 16 Feb 2023

Champions Ascension Threats 50 by Pablo (

Champions Ascension has some potential threats that could be really harmful for the project in the future.

The first and the most concerning threat is that the team will use at least 3 tokens in the game’s economy and after seeing so many games failing precisely because of their tokenomics (even in games with only 1 token) it’s really hard to understand why has the team chosen this path as it’ll be really challenging to balance the economy.

Another threat is that the company recently announced lay offs of almost 20% of the team members, according to them the motive was the recent situation of the global economy and it’s certainly not the best look and it raises questions about whether the project will have problems with the game’s development in the near future.

At the moment of writing only the owners of Prime Eternal NFTs were able to try the game but there are several gameplay videos on Youtube and after seeing some of them, we have serious doubts about the gameplay as it looks pretty stiff and basic and only time will tell if the team manages to improve it in the future releases

27 Dec 2022

Champions Ascension Uniqueness 70 by YIPXYZ (

“Champions is an iteratively built game made by Jam City and invested heavily in by a network of its game studios. Jam City games have generated more than 1.3 billion in lifetime installs and $2.5 billion USD in lifetime booking, and continue to grow through ongoing live-ops.

We are currently successfully operating more than 20 games, including more than a dozen games built in partnership with world-class brands ( Our studio creative leadership has hundreds of thousands of hours of collective game development, social media and entrepreneurship (Creators of MySpace) experience to make Champions something truly innovative.
We are building together with you to create a true play-and-earn experience and novel ways to enjoy your Champions NFTs and Coins.
We strongly believe in creating and growing a community that fosters true collaboration between devs and players. Join now and provide your unique feedback and guidance into the early ideation phases of Champions Ascension!”
Edited version by Pablo below:
Champions Ascension has some unique aspects like the fact that it is being developed by one of the most talented teams in the industry, Jam City. They worked on several successful videogames for more than 10 years and proved themselves in many ocassions after generating more than $1 billion in sales and thanks to their success in the past, they managed to attract some huge investors like JP Morgan, Bank of America or Fortress Investment Group raising $650 million.
Although there are many other Action RPG games in development, Champions Ascension is trying something different giving players the ability to wander around Massina which is where all the players can hang out together and participate in several quests as well as try their best on the arena fighting against other players for high rewards reminding us of the movie Gladiator

26 Sep 2022 – 27 Dec 2022

Competitors 50 by Pablo (

Champions Ascension is a Action RPG and it’s well known that it’s one of the most popular genres, they have some really serious competitors like:

  • Guild of Guardians
  • Big Time
  • Shatterpoint
  • Eldarune

27 Dec 2022

Questions 50 by Pablo (
  • How are you planning to improve the combat
  • Updated whitepaper

27 Dec 2022

Your Bread and Butter! 50 by YIPXYZ (

“Champions are your bread and butter in the world of Massina. Each Champion is unique and offers different advantages and options in gameplay. Use them to explore, go on quests, craft gear, and fight vicious battles in the arena against other competitors. Collect and trade Champions – or use their genes and breed new Champions of your own!”


26 Sep 2022

Champions Ascension Play Section 65 by Pablo (

Champions Ascension gameplay is just above average right now, the movements are slow and the mechanics are pretty basic with only few attack options like light attack and heave attack, there are also combos, executions and block breakers that add a bit more of variety.

There are also some special attacks depending on which character you’re using although they all look quite similar to each other.

To defend yourself you can use more techniques like dodging, parrying, blocking etc. and it requires good timing from you although in most cases it’s pretty random and doesn’t require a strategic approach.

It’s important to note that it’s a early alpha version so there’s a lot of room for improvement and if you check Discord you’ll find the game feedback channel where players can write their thoughts on the game and hopefully the team will take note and improve the gameplay.

Updated by Pablo

27 Dec 2022 – 16 Feb 2023

Champions Ascension Graphics 70 by Pablo (

Champions Ascension graphics are decent and you have to keep in mind that it’s a pre-alpha version and the final version will definitely look better.

The animations are pretty nice but there are several moments when the game stutters (even on a good PC) and it’s common to find graphic glitches, the colors variety needs some improvement, while fighting on the arena the yellow/orange colors dominate the overall look and it’s distracting, the team should create a bigger variety of maps so you don’t get bored of seeing the same again and again.

There are several videos on Youtube where you can check the gameplay and the graphics, we’ll leave some of them in the links below.

Updated by Pablo

27 Dec 2022 – 16 Feb 2023

Youtube Trailer 50 by YIPXYZ (

Champions Ascension announcement Trailer on YT

New trailer 10 days old on 26/09/2022

Gameplay Battle Leak – Looks engaging!

26 Sep 2022


Easy Start 75 by Pablo (

You don’t need to spend a lot of time or money to get started in Champions Ascension, the game is getting built on PC only at the moment but more platforms could join in the future.

First of all you’ll need either a Primal Eternal NFT or get an invitation from other players in order to access the pre-alpha battle game. Getting a Primal Eternal NFT can be expensive but finding an invitation on their Discord is quite easy and there’s always someone who can help you out. After downloading the game’s client from their website you can start playing right away.

It’s important to note that by having a Primal Eternal NFT you’ll be able to play the next beta versions for free and that the full version of the game will be completely Free to Play and it’ll offer you free heroes to use in-game, there’s no info about if you’ll be able to earn rewards that way.

These are the minimum specs that you need for your PC in order to play at 30FPS:

  • CPU: Standard i3
  • GPU: GTX 750 Ti (2GB)
  • RAM: 8GB

If you want the game to run smoother, those are the recommended specs:

  • CPU: i5
  • GPU: RTX 3050 (8GB)
  • RAM: 16GB

You can play the game with mouse & keyboard or with a controller as the game is fully compatible with Xbox controller.

Updated by Pablo

27 Dec 2022 – 16 Feb 2023

How to play 70 by YIPXYZ (

very limited information out on the gameplay but this basic summary from their whitepaper:

We plan on introducing and supporting different battle modes in the game. Some will be AI-controlled auto-battle, while some others require players to command their own Champions on the battlefield to MoveAttack, and Use Abilities.”

Edited version by Pablo below:

At the moment of writing the closed alpha is the only way to try the game, in order to get access you have to either buy a Prime Eternal NFT or get an access code from other community members on their official Discord.

Once you enter the game, you’ll spawn in Massina and you’ll be able to use in-game chat to talk with other players, you can inspect the map and find several mini-games like the Drunk Race, Flower Market, Dice games etc. and most of them are very simple although they’re actually pretty entertaining and offer a fun distraction between the competitive Arena matches.

The main and the most competitive game mode is of course the Arena where you can play 1vs1 against other players, the gameplay is not very complex and the movements are quite stiff. There’s not much difference while playing with different characters, the controls are very similar and in our opinion there should be more variety when for example you’re playing with a big  or small character you can tell difference in the controls and speed of movement. Right now it feels very similar no matter which Champion you’re using.

Speaking of controls, we found them simple and straight to the point, there’s no input lag and the response is fast. The movement of the characters as we mentioned before is stiff and there are only few movements you can use, there’s no big variety of attacks either and you basically have two types of attack available: heavy attack and light attack as well as some cobos, you can use special abilities as well in order to make your attacks unblockable for the enemies.

Blocking and dodging need upgrading, it’s really hard to block or dodge attacks mostly because of the speed of the attacks and even if you predict your opponent movements you won’t be able to block his attacks most of the time, the combo attacks however seem easier to block than the normal attacks. 

26 Sep 2022 – 16 Feb 2023

Champions Ascension Strategy 65 by Pablo (

There’s no training available in the game so you’ll have to learn the basics by simply playing against other players in the Arena, mini-games are extremely easy so you won’t need any practice for that.

In our opinion the team needs to add more special moves for every Champion so that the matches are more interesting because right now most of them are pretty similar to each other and if the the team doesn’t change that once the full game launches it could become too repetitive.

The main strategy right now is to keep attacking your enemy and try to dodge some of his attacks although dodging is not very intuitive and it’s more random than anything but usually the winner is decided by dodging few attacks and then keeping attacking the opponent.

You can use light and heavy attacks as well as combos although they’re not as effective in our opinion and they’re easy to dodge when you see them coming and you’re vulnerable to the enemies attacks. You can also use special attacks in order to knockdown your enemy and deal extra damage before he recovers.

While in battle, your Fury Meter will start filling up and once it’s full you’ll be able to use a special attack that boosts your damage and healing to the maximum level, it’s important to note that aside from that there are several different status effects depending on your Champion’s family and Essence.

16 Feb 2023

Champions Ascension P2E 50 by Pablo (

Champions Ascension team didn’t released too much info about how the Play and Earn will work in the game although you can find some spare pieces in their whitepaper.

It’s pretty clear that the team’s main idea is to create at least 3 tokens that will be used for different things and right from the start you can tell that it’ll be quite confusing, especially for players not familiarized with crypto. Thankfully the first 3 tokens will be only earnable by playing the game and won’t be sold by the team.

At the moment of writing there are only two NFT collections available: Primal Eternals NFT that are the highest tier Champions, in the future the there will be more NFT mints available with other utilities although there’s not much more info available, the second collection is called Pets of Massina and it’ll give you some minor advantages and perks in-game although the exact utilities are yet to be revealed

27 Dec 2022 – 28 Dec 2022

Game Economy Tokens 50 by YIPXYZ (

“$ESSENCE can be won by winning battles and completing challenges. It can be used in many different ways including breeding new Champions and crafting new gear.

$MASSINA is earned gradually when staking a Prime Eternal. It is accumulated daily, for as long as the player has their Prime Eternal staked. The world you’re building will allow you to use $MASSINA to claim specific Land Plots that are only available for $MASSINA and also to construct different types of buildings, where players can craft items or get access to some services for in-game use. For example, you will be able to create a new sword in your forge and use it in battles against other Champions.

Like $MASSINA, $DIAMOND is also earned gradually when staking a Prime Eternal, and accumulated daily, for as long as the player has their Prime Eternal staked. It can be used to acquire Diamond Gear items, such as the Diamond Gauntlet which can only be obtained with $DIAMOND.
Only a Prime Eternal can create $DIAMOND, through staking the Prime Eternal.
We are planning many more tokens than the above listed in the whitepaper. This is a metaverse being built with many ways to interact with the Massina experience. As we release more modules that give you more experiences in our metaverse we’ll be adding additional tokens to interplay with their economies. At the same time, the $ESSENCE token will always be the core token used and burned across many different actions in the game from fighting to breeding to building and more.”

26 Sep 2022

The $ESSENCE TokenThe $MASSINA TokenThe $DIAMOND Token
Champions Ascension Economy 50 by Pablo (

Champions Ascension will use 3 different tokens (team will create even more in the future) and there will be several NFT collections launched over time:

  • Champions will be the main item and will represent your character, each Champion will belong to one of 12 families that’ll have several utilities and special abilities. There will exist 4 different tiers: Challenger, Gladiator, Eternal and Prime Eternal
  • Prime Eternal is the highest tier of the Champion NFTs, it’ll have special and unique abilities and perks that’ll be only available for them. Divine parts are one of those perks although we don’t actually know what will it mean for your Champion. By only having one in your wallet you’ll also get some special advantages like unique cosmetic items, access to special Discord channels, early access to betas, token airdrops
  • Pets are a special Pet NFT airdrop that all the holders received in the past, there are 7 kinds of Pets and they act as your companion in Massina boosting your combat abilities, unlocking secrets and aiding you when needed
  • Land will play a mejor role in the economy when launched, you’ll have many options for your lands, you can use them for forging, creating battles, trading etc. There will be several sizes and rarities, the Land NFTs will be available for selling and lending
  • Building Blueprints are needed for creating building on your Land, there will be a variety of buildings that you’ll be able to purchase with $MASSINA token or through pre-sales

27 Dec 2022

Champions Ascension Marketplace 75 by Pablo (

Champions Ascension NFTs are available to buy on Opensea and LooksRare marketplaces, the team has plans to create their internal exchange but it’s not clear if you’ll be able to trade their NFTs there as well. At the moment of writing there are 2 collections available:

  • Prime Eternal Champions(0.6 ETH floor) is a collection of 7.622 NFTs that’ll be the most exclusive collection in the game and by owning one you’ll get several advantages that no other collection will ever have like special airdrops, access to all the beta versions, special crafting materials and much more
  • Pets of Massina (0.018 ETH floor) is a collection of pet companions that join you while wondering around Massina, they have some special traits and unique abilities and they’ll boost your combat power as well as unlock some secrets. The whole collection was airrdopped to Prime Eternal holders for free

The easiest way to be inlcuded in the future whitelists is by being active on the game’s official Discord, there are several roles and there are many different ways to earn them, some roles will grant you access to different whitelists and it’ll depend on your role tier or your contribution to the project.

Holding at least one Primal Eternal could also be a good idea as it already has several advantages and whitelists could be a new one in the future

28 Dec 2022

Prime Eternal Collection

Champions Ascension Tokens 65 by Pablo (

Champions Ascension will use at least 3 tokens in their economy as the team announced that they’ve planned to create many more tokens in the future.

  • $ESSENCE will be the game’s main token and you can earn it by playing the game, winning battles or completing quests, it’ll have several utilities like breeding and crafting. According to the team it’ll be always their main token with several use cases and burning mechanism
  • $MASSINA will be earnable by staking your Primal Eternal NFT, you’ll receive it daily as long as it’s staked. You’ll need it in order to receive specific land plots and for construction of buildings like forge, house or a shop
  • $DIAMOND in the same way as $MASSINA, it’ll be earnable by staking your Primal Eternal NFT, you’ll receive it on a daily basis. It’s main utility will be purchasing Diamond Gear objects like Diamond Sword

All the above tokens will have unlimited supply and will be earnable by doing specific tasks in-game, you’ll be able to trade them between each other or exchange them for $ETH but you can only do it on their internal exchange that is not built yet.

In our opinion it’s a good idea that the team won’t sell any tokens in any presale etc. but the fact that there will be so many tokens and especially the plans to build even more tokens in the future is clearly not the best option and it’ll most likely scare off new players, especially the ones that are coming from traditional gaming

28 Dec 2022

Champions Ascension Tokenomics 50 by Pablo (

Champions Ascension tokens won’t have any kind of distribution, pre-sale, cliffs or vesting schedules as their tokens will be only available to earn by playing the game or staking Eternal Prime NFTs. In our opinion it could actually work fine as it eliminates the token dumps that are very common in most of the projects.

The team’s approach has some weak points however, mainly because 3 tokens economy will be more difficult to operate and it’ll add confusion to the players and you can’t ignore that it’ll result scary to potential traditional gamers wanting to try a crypto game. The team also announced that they’ve plans to create many more tokens in the future and in our opinion it’s really strange since for now their 3 main tokens aren’t even live yet.

There is also a small mention in their whitepaper about creating a DAO token that would be used for governance votes, upgrading Champions and breeding. According to the team the DAO token could be a already existing one (MASSINA, ESSENCE, DIAMOND) or it could be a completely new one and after seeing the graphic it looks like that the potential new token could have some kind of presale but it’s not confirmed yet.

It’ll definitely be very interesting to see how it plays out, it’s one of the few projects that decided to not launch a token in a traditional way but the team’s plans of launching several more tokens in the future are definitely concerning, we’ll update this section once there’s some more info and stats available

28 Dec 2022

Champions Ascension Community 75 by Pablo (

Champions Ascension has a pretty decent following and community engagement across the board and the team is pretty active on most of their social media, especially on Twitter. In the next sections you can check the exact numbers and how’s their social media engagement doing

26 Dec 2022 – 28 Dec 2022

Social Media Platforms 75 by Pablo (

Champions Ascension team has social media accounts on several popular platforms, let’s take a closer look at their numbers and engagement:

  • Twitter was created in December 2021 and has 31.400 followers, the engagement is pretty good here and the team is very active posting several times every week. On average their tweets receive around 50 likes and are viewed by more than 1000 people during first week which results in above average community engagement
  • Discord has 78.200 members which is a very high number, you can check all the details about their Discord in the next section
  • TikTok with 25 followers was created very recently and barely has any content (8 videos) and all of them have 200+ views
  • Youtube has 7870 subscribers, they have uploaded 28 videos and most of them have less than 1000 views (with some exceptions)
  • Reddit has 257 members but only 2 members online on average, the activity is very low
  • Instagram has 15.100 follewers and although their latest posts received around 200 likes, the team didn’t posted anything in the last 5 months
  • Medium is used by the team for posting their important updates, on average they post 1 time each month

26 Dec 2022

Twitter NumbersDiscord Numbers

Discord Overview 75 by Pablo (

Champions Ascension Discord has 78.500 members, it’s a really high number and the engagement it’s pretty good although there are only 5% of active members online on average

There are some announcement channels as well as “official links” channel where you can find all of the important links like their social media or website, it could be a good idea to include a FAQ channel so that new players could check what the project is all about.

We like the overall look of their Discord as it’s pretty clean as there are just enough channels with not too many unnecesary off topic channels that don’t add any value.

There are some special channels for giveaways and others for community creators where you can submit your art and hopefully the team will include it in the game.

The “game feedback” channel is pretty active and the players explain what they liked and didn’t liked when playing the game, there’s also a channel where you can ask any questions directly to the team and you should get an answer pretty quickly (good job from the team)

26 Dec 2022

Discord Active UsersDiscord Engagement

Champions Ascension Team 90 by Pablo (

Champions Ascension is being developed by Jam City, a very big videogames studio that created several very successful mobile games. They’re definitely one of the most talented studios building on blockchain although recently the company laid off almost 20% of the staff members which could have unknown impact on the project in the future. You can learn more about the team in the next sections

26 Dec 2022

Champions Ascension Partners & Investors 75 by Pablo (

There is not too much info about Champions Ascension partnerships but Jam City has raised a impressive $650 million since 2010, one of the highest fundings we’ve seen.

26 Dec 2022 – 20 Jan 2023

Guilds 50 by Pablo (

At the moment of writing there is very little info about Champions Ascension guilds, we have found some vague info about NGG guild that has supposedly invested in the game although there was no official announcement as far as we know, we’ll contact the team for more details

26 Dec 2022

Partnerships 50 by Pablo (

As we mentioned before, there is not too much info about Champions Arena partnerships although there are few projects that partnered with them:

  • Shrapnel
  • Gamephylum

26 Dec 2022

Champions Ascension Investors 95 by Pablo (

Jam City, the development studio behind Champions Ascension has raised around $650 million since 2010 in several funding rounds attracting some very important investors like:

  • JP Morgan Chase (Lead investor)
  • Bank of America Merryl Lynch (Lead investor)
  • Austin Ventures (Lead investor)
  • Fortress Investment Group (Lead investor)
  • CIT Bank
  • Silicon Valley Bank
  • Netmarble
  • Kabam
  • SunTrust Bank
  • a16z (Invested in Plai Labs in January 2023)

Their latest and biggest funding round happened in September 2021 where they managed to raise $350 million and the round was led by Fortress Investment Group.

It’s important to note that despite the impressive funding, the company has laid off almost 20% of their staff (almost 200 employees) in August 2022 and according to the company it had to be done due to the current situation of global economy.

January 20 2023 update: The team moved to a new company called Plai Labs and they already have their first investor as a16z (Andreesen Horowitz) announced their collaboration in a letter although no amount was disclosed at the moment.

26 Dec 2022 – 20 Jan 2023

ETH Blockchain 85 by Pablo (

Champions Ascension is being built entirely on Ethereum blockchain although the team could have some plans of moving to a Layer 2 solution in the future.

Ethereum blockchain just few months ago did the first ever PoW (Proof of work) transition to PoS (Proof of stake). It completely changed the future of ETH lowering its energy consumption by 99,95% and enabling the potential speed increase while making transactions and lower fees in the future and that’s probably the only weak point of ETH right now, if the team manages to fix that it’ll become even more successful.

It’s also important to note that it’s one of the most secure blockchains and every day it becomes clearer that other blockchains struggle a lot in this field suffering hacks etc. which gives developers even more reasons to move to ETH. It’s no surprise that it’s also a blockchain with the highest active users number and thousands of transactions every day, it’s also the blockchain with the widest selections of wallets making it very user friendly

26 Dec 2022

Questions 50 by Pablo (
  • Partnerships list
  • Guilds list
  • How will the guilds system work

26 Dec 2022

Champions Ascension Roadmap 70 by Pablo (

Champions Ascension has a pretty vague roadmap with no exact dates for their future targets, the team however successfully achieved several of their previous milestones and that gives more confidence to the players and potential new investors

26 Dec 2022

Roadmap Summary 50 by YIPXYZ (

Check the roadmap in detail def some things coming up.

Also for all PRIME nft holders you’ll be able to play alpha on 29/09/2022

26 Sep 2022

Champions Prime Event

Future Roadmap 70 by Pablo (

There is a Medium article that was released in June 2022 with some of the most important events that the team has planned for the future of Champions Ascension, there are some interesting milestones with no concrete dates:

  • Elemental Champions release
  • Forging
  • Land NFT ownership
  • Breeding
  • Tokens release
  • Staking
  • Battle system

26 Dec 2022

Roadmap and the future… 50 by YIPXYZ (

26 Sep 2022

PFP ChampionsChampionsChampionsChampions

Past Roadmap 75 by Pablo (

Champions Ascension team has achieved several milestones in the past, here are some of the most notable ones:

  • PFP launch – Profile pictures that come with several utilities and perks
  • Whitepaper release
  • Opensea verification
  • Pets launch – NFT that was airdropped to holders for free
  • Slice of Massina – a playable preview of the game
  • New website

26 Dec 2022

Questions 50 by Pablo (
  • Will there be a updated roadmap with approximate dates

26 Dec 2022

Champions Ascension Buy Section 70 by Pablo (

There will be 3 main tokens in Champions Ascension with several utilities but you won’t be able to buy them in a presale or on the marketplace (at least at the beginning) as the token will be earnable only by playing the game and winning matches.

You’ll be able to buy it once all 3 are launched from other players by trading them on the game’s internal exchange, you’ll also be able to exchange them for ETH in order to cash out your earnings.

The only things that you can buy in Champions Ascension are their NFTs and right now there already 3 different collections available.

Small updates

28 Dec 2022 – 17 Feb 2023

Buying Champions Ascension NFTs 70 by Pablo (

You can buy Champions Ascension NFTs on Opensea and LooksRare, at the moment of writing there arecurrently 3 collections available although many more will be released in the near future, let’s take a look at the actual floor prices (February 2023):

  • Prime Eternal Champions (0.47 ETH floor)
  • Pets of Massina (0.011 ETH floor)
  • Elemental Eternal (0.03 ETH floor)

Right now is maybe not the best moment to buy a Primal Eternal mainly because of the high price and the fact that the game will be launched in several months with no exact date, although there are some interesting advantages and perks that could be worth investing in the game early on. At the end it depends on your thoughts about the project, if you are really certain about the future success of the project and of course if you have enough ETH to buy it.

Pets of Massina collection will have some minor advantages and the actual price is quite interesting so it’s not the worst idea to buy one if you’re planning to play the game once it’s launched.

Elementals is the latest collection and it’s the second highest Tier just after Prime Eternals, it’ll be one of the best assets for PvE and will have the possibility to breed new champions as well.

Updated by Pablo

28 Dec 2022 – 17 Feb 2023