One of the Most Promising Web3 Games 80 by Pablo (

Illuvium is not only 1 game, it’s actually 3 games in 1 that complement each other in several and unique ways, it’s being developed mainly for Mac and PC and it’ll be based on Immutable X blockchain to assure the lowest fees for the users.

The main game mode called Illuvium: Overworld is quite similar to what you could find in games like Mass Effect and your main objective will consist in capturing the so-called Illuvials. The second game called Illuvium: Arena in fact uses Illuvials (Monsters) as the main playable characters and the gameplay reminds a lot of Pokemon games where your Illuvials fight against other players in a battle arena and you have to keep in mind that this type of game is aimed at specific group of players and if you’re not familiarized with it, you could get bored quickly.

The third game called Illuvium: Zero is a mini game and it’s the only availableone that is available also for Android users, it requires you to purchase at least 1 Land NFT in order to play and right now it’s quite expensive as the cheapest Land costs 0.41 ETH.

The game is being developed by a very talented team that should be able to deliver a great final product, some of them worked creating videogames for years and there are several blockchain experts and Unreal Engine 5 developers.

We did find however few concerns after doing the research and the biggest one is that the tokenomics design is truly one of the weakest we’ve seen in blockchain games and it could have a big impact on the project. The whitepaper info is vague and outdated and there’s a lot of info missing there as well.

Overall the project is one of the most promising games in the Web3 space and there are a lot more positive than negative parts but like always, only time will tell if they’re successful once the full game launches, especially after seeing so much hype around the game since the project started.

16 Jan 2023 – 17 Jan 2023


Illuvium Strengths 85 by Pablo (
  • Great graphics
  • 3 games in 1
  • Talented and doxxed team
  • Very good community engagement
  • Important partners & investors

16 Jan 2023

Illuvium Weaknesses 50 by Pablo (
  • Very weak tokenomics
  • Auto battler games have limited audience
  • A lot of hype around the project

16 Jan 2023 – 17 Jan 2023

Illuvium Opportunities 80 by Pablo (

Illuvium has a great opportunty to become one of the most important blockchain games, especially thanks to gameplay variety they’ll offer making it one of the few NFT games that have more than just one genre.

The team behind the game’s development is one of the most talented in blockchain gaming and they have all the necessary tools to create a project that could put more pressure to other development studios and improve the overall quality of Web3 gaming.

The team managed to attract several important partners and investors to the project like YGG, Polemos or Immutable X among others. The fact that they’re using Immutable X as their main blockchain solution makes it more user friendly thanks to super fast transactions, gas-free minting and without carbon footprint.

17 Jan 2023

Illuvium Threats 50 by Pablo (

Illuvium doesn’t have too many threats but especially the tokenomics are the main issue we’ve found in the project.

The allocations are really terrible from our point of view as the pre-sale tokens represent 40% of the supply and the lockups were short with only 12 months linear vesting and most importantly the seed and pre-seed investors were able to buy the tokens at an incredibly low price and you can clearly see it in the price action of the token with tremendous selling pressure each month. The available info about the tokenomics isn’t enough either with a lot of missing parts.

There are also some minor threats as having outdated whitepaper and of course there’s a possibility that the team won’t live up to the expectations after creating so much hype around the project.

The fact that we still don’t know how much emphasis will the team put on Arena gameplay is another of our concerns as for people that don’t like “auto battler” games it could mean that they would get bored fairly quickly, we’ll have to wait until the beta is released and try it by ourselves.

17 Jan 2023

Illuvium Uniqueness 85 by Pablo (

Illuvium is a truly unique game as it’s a 3 in 1 package with 3 different games that give every player a huge variety unlike most of the blockchain games that only have one game mode. There is something appealing for everyone and especially auto battler and Pokemon fans will find theirselves at home.

You could say that it’s a game created for the old school Pokemon players as it’s mostly aimed at more experienced players due to several complex strategies available that’ll require a lot of skills in order to win the battles.

The graphics are one of the best we’ve seen in Web3 gaming, the game is being created using Unreal Engine 5 and while exploring the Overworld it’s comparable to games like Mass Effect with futuristic enviroments and great animations. The maps are very detailed and each one is completely different and unique.

The game is being developed for both Mac and PC which could attract a lot more potential players and the team already announced that they’re planning to build a mobile version at a later date. In fact Illuvium: Zero, one of the 3 games is playable only on mobiles.


17 Jan 2023

Illuvium Competitors 75 by Pablo (

Illuvium has several game modes in one package and it’s quite unique but of course there are some similar games and some of them will definitely act as hard competitors for them in the near future, in our opinion the Top3 games to keep an eye on are:

  • Life Beyond
  • Champions Arena
  • Champions: Ascension

17 Jan 2023

Questions 50 by Pablo (
  • When will the team update the whitepaper
  • Auto Battler will be the main game?

17 Jan 2023

Illuvium Gameplay 85 by Pablo (

Illuvium is based on 3 different games that complement each other with different things, you’ll be able to use the same account in all of them. The game has great graphics thanks to the use of Unreal Engine 5, the gameplay looks smooth and the maps are detailed and well designed.

  • Illuvium: Overworld is the first game, it’s a huge world ready to be explored where you have to capture Illuvials that you’ll use later in the next game.
  • Illuvium: Arena is the game where you’ll have to use your Illuvials to fight against other players and earn rewards, there’ll be several different game modes available.
  • Illuvium: Zero is a very casual mini game that’ll mainly consist in farming utility items that can be used after in the other 2 games. It’s important to note that in order to farm resources in this game, you’ll need at least 1 Land NFT meaning that F2P players won’t be able to earn rewards in this mode.

In the next sections you can check more detailed info about Illuvium gameplay like how to play, what do you need to get started and more.

17 Jan 2023 – 18 Jan 2023

Illuvium Gameplay

Illuvium Graphics 90 by Pablo (

Illuvium graphics are one of the best you can find in NFT games, it’s being developed on Unreal Engine 5 and thanks to the expertise of several team members they’re giving it a great use and even though the game is in beta you can tell that it looks like some of the traditional games, in our opinion it has similarities to Mass Effect franchise.

It’s important to note that the Illuvium: Overworld is clearly the best looking of the 3, the Illuvium: Arena looks very good it’s not as detailed and beautiful. Illuvium: Zero is only available on mobile phones and of course you can’t compare it to the other 2.

There are several gameplay videos and trailers on Youtube, you can check some of them in the links below.

17 Jan 2023


Getting Started 70 by Pablo (

Getting started in Illuvium is fairly easy although you’ll need to complete some steps before.

First thing you’ll need to do is create an Illuvium account which shouldn’t take too much time, it only requires your email (requires confirmation) and name. After loging in, you’ll need to connect your Metamask wallet and sign a message to enable Immutable X and match it with your Illuvium account. Right now the game is in closed beta and you have to register on their website in order to gain access.

In order to play Illuvium: Zero you can use your Illuvium account and donwload the game directly on your Mac, PC or Android but in order to do that you’ll need to purchase a Land NFT from IlluviDEX and at the moment of writing it’s quite expensive (0.41 ETH floor). In the future however you’ll be able to play Illuvium: Zero for free but you won’t be able to earn anything as your account will be disconnected from blockchain.

Illuvium: Overworld and Illuvium: Arena are the most demanding games and these are the unofficial minimum specs needed in order to play:

  • Processor: Ryzen 7
  • Graphic card: GTX 1050ti
  • Ram: 8GB

Recommended unofficial specs:

  • Processor: Intel i7 10th Gen
  • Graphic card: GTX 1660ti
  • Ram: 16 GB

17 Jan 2023

How to Play 75 by Pablo (

There are several ways in which you can play Illuvium, you have to keep in mind that there are actually 3 games available.

Illuvium: Zero is a very simple game and it basically consists in farming Fuel and some other materials that you can use in the main games and some of them can be used to upgrade your Illuvials and/or weapons. If you own any Land NFT you can start farming right away after downloading the game, the higher the rarity of your Land, the more materials you’ll be able to harvest. Fuel will be used to play the main game and to accelerate certain tasks, it can be also sold on a marketplace to other players.

Illuvium: Overworld is the main world with 7 big regions to explore, each region has its unique look and terrain making it really fun to explore, it’s important to note that the game in this mode looks really amazing. Your main goal will be capturing Illuvials by defeating them in a battle, Illuvials are a powerful creatures and you’ll be able to use them in battles against other players and hopefully capture the rarest and most powerful ones. You’ll get a certain amount of energy each time you enter Overworld and you’ll have to use it wisely as when it runs out you’ll be transferred back to your home planet. Most of the actions will require energy like entering battles, mining, scanning etc.

Illuvium: Arena is where you’ll finally be able to use your Illuvials in battles where you can earn rewards, there’ll be 3 main game modes:

  • Ranked Arena is a competitve ranked game mode, you’ll play against other players and try to climb the leaderboards in order to win the highest rewards
  • Leviathan Arena is a game mode where you can bet ETH on the winner, you can either play by yourself or spectate other players and bet on your favorite
  • Survival Arena is a classic PVE mode where you play against waves of AI controlled teams, the main goal is here to last for as long as possible

It’s important to note that in Illuvium: Arena the gameplay consist in Auto battler and that’s something that not everyone will like but if you’re a Pokémon fan you’ll going to love it!

18 Jan 2023

Illuvium P2E 70 by Pablo (

Right now Illuvium is still in beta and there’s not too much detailed info about how the rewards will work once the full game is launched.

We do know that the main earnable reward will be the $ILV token and that you won’t need it in order to play the game and it’ll have other utilities instead, you can learn more about the game’s tokens in the next sections.

There are still several NFTs that are yet to be minted and will play a huge role in the game’s economy but it’s quite difficult to find some more detailed info.

The game will have Free to Play option but you won’t have be able to access all the areas as some will be restricted to players that purchased NFTs but it’s a good thing that you’ll have the opportunity to try the game for free before having to spend money on it.

17 Jan 2023 – 18 Jan 2023

Economy Items 75 by Pablo (

Right now Illuvium has only few NFT items available but there’s already some info about the upcoming NFTs that’ll launch shortly. Here are the most important items:

  • Land will be one of the most important items in Illuvium as you’ll need it to extract Fuel that is critical in order to play the main game. Extracting Fuel is done in Illvuvium: Zero but you’ll need at least 1 Land NFT in order to do it. There are 5 Land tiers and the highest tier includes a Legendary Arena where it’s possible to host eSports events that’ll give you the opportunity to earn fees from the tournaments and from sponsored deals
  • Illuvials will be the main playable characters in the Illuvium: Arena, you’ll be able to earn them by playing Illuvium: Overworld or by simply buying them on a marketplace. You can think of Illuvials as Pokémons, they’ll have 5 different special affinities (Water, fire, nature, air, earth) that’ll translate into their strengths and also their weaknesses. There will 5 different classes of Illuvials and if you want to become successful on the arena you’ll have to find the best possible combination of affinities and classes in each battle in order to stand out
  • Fusion is the most powerful Illuvial, you can obtain it by fusing together 3 Illuvials of the same type, it’s important to note that after the fusion your original 3 Illuvial NFTs will be burned. There’s still no info about how much will it cost to create a Fusion NFT
  • Shards are a necessary item for capturing Illuvials in Illuvium: Overworld, they’re basically the same as Pokéballs in Pokémon games. You’ll be able to mine Shards and there’ll be several rarities, the higher it is, the easier it’ll be to capture Illuvials but you have to keep in mind that even the highest tier Shards doesn’t assure that you’ll be able to catch the toughest Illuvials every time so it’s always important to carry more than one at a time.
  • Weapons and Armors will be used by your main character in the battle, there’ll be several different kinds of them and each one will be upgradeable by equipping special  Gemstones that enhance combat abilities of your Illuvials. Interestingly if your armor becomes severly damaged you’ll have to wait a certain time in order to regenerate and keep playing meaning that it’ll be crucial to choose the best possible armor
  • Imbues will act only as cosmetic items for your character, weapons etc. and according to the team they’ll have no impact on the gameplay
  • Illuvitars will be your personal avatar that you can use as a profile picture, it’ll have a complete customization options. If you own a whole collection you’ll get some important benefits like the access to private betas, events and more

18 Jan 2023

Illuvium NFT Marketplaces 80 by Pablo (

Most of Illuvium NFTs are available for purchase on Opensea but if you’re planning to buy the Land NFT you’ll need to do it on their own marketplace that is based on Immutable X helping you to avoid high fees. All the future mints will take place on their marketplace using gas-free transactions thanks to their partnership with IMX.

Illuvium team haven’t used whitelists for their mints and instead they use Dutch auctions where the mint price starts falling as time passes. Things can change in the future however and there’s a possibility that the Land owners could get some benefits at a later date.

17 Jan 2023

Illuvium Tokens 70 by Pablo (

Illuvium will use $ILV as their main token for several things but they’ll also use $ETH as the primary coin for playing the game.

There’s also a third coin called $sILV2 which is basically a synthetic version of $ILV and it can be used for things that don’t require another player for the transaction like travelling for example, you can earn it by staking $ILV. $sILV2 is a replacement of $sILV token due to a hack that occurred months ago and its price is always pegged to $ILV.

$ILV token won’t be necessary to actually play Illuvium and it’ll have several utilities like:

  • Governance
  • In-game rewards
  • Staking
  • Fees distribution

$ETH token will be used as the main in-game currency in Illuvium, its most outstading utilities are:

  • All in-game purchases
  • Illuvials enhancements
  • Wagering in battles
  • Travelling in the game
  • Modification of weapons etc.

All the fees collected from the in-game purchases will be distributed to Illuvium Vault and then to the $ILV stakers.

17 Jan 2023

Illuvium Staking 80 by Pablo (

At the moment of writing there 2 staking options available for $ILV token with different APY:

  • Single sided staking gives you 7.58% APR and 7.84% APY
  • ILV/ETH pool gives you 67.71% APR and 70.12% APY but it comes with higher risk and impermanent loss possibility

Both staking methods give you the option to stake your tokens for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 12 months, the longer you’ll stake the higher the rewards will be.

You can choose in which currency you want to receive your rewards: $ILV or $sILV2, the rewards in $ILV will have a 12 months lockup whereas the $sILV2 rewards will be available immediately for the use in-game once the game is launched.

17 Jan 2023

Questions 50 by Pablo (
  • When will you release some detailed info about all the economy items
  • Is $ILV will be the only earnable reward

18 Jan 2023

Illuvium Tokenomics 30 by Pablo (

Illuvium main token is $ILV and the tokenomics info available on their whitepaper and Medium articles is really vague with no clear vesting schedule information, cliffs etc. You have to look for this info by yourself and sadly the info we’ve found makes their tokenomics one of the weakest points of the project.

You can learn about our findings, team’s wallets and all the numbers in the next sections.

13 Jan 2023

$ILV Main Holders 80 by Pablo (

These are the main holders of $ILV token:

  • Main wallet (No label) with 4,419,315 tokens (59.3% of the supply): 0x6bd2814426f9a6abaa427d2ad3fc898d2a57adc6
  • Illuvium Treasury wallet with 1,078,022 tokens (14.47% of the supply): 0x58c37a622cdf8ace54d8b25c58223f61d0d738aa
  • Illuvium: Migrate wallet with 483,134 tokens (6.48% of the supply): 0x7f5f854ffb6b7701540a00c69c4ab2de2b34291d
  • SushiSwap: ILV wallet with 475,905 tokens (6.38% of the supply): 0x6a091a3406e0073c3cd6340122143009adac0eda
  • Binance 8 wallet with 202,493 tokens (2.7% of the supply): 0xf977814e90da44bfa03b6295a0616a897441acec
  • Illuvium: ILV Core Pool wallet with 62,469 tokens (0.83% of the supply): 0x25121eddf746c884dde4619b573a7b10714e2a36

As you can see the 4 of Top5 wallets are properly lebeled and of course it’s really great that the team is transparent with their holdings, there is only one unknown wallet (that doesn’t have any label) but it’s pretty clear that it’s the main token wallet used for distribution.

13 Jan 2023 – 16 Jan 2023


$ILV Vesting and Alloactions 20 by Pablo (

Our main concern with $ILV token is that the allocations are really poorly designed and there is very little info available on their whitepaper and even looking through their Medium articles there is still no clear info that anyone can understand without having to calculate things by yourself. Let’s take a closer look at it:

  • Pre seed investors – 5% of the supply, the investors were able to buy at $1 price with 12 months cliff and 12 months linear vesting after
  • Seed investors – 15% of the supply, the investors were able to buy at $3 price with 12 months cliff and 12 months linear vesting after
  • Public sale – 10% of the supply, the investors were able to buy at $90 price and apparently there was no lockup period and no vesting
  • Team – 15% of the supply with 12 months cliff and 12 months linear vesting after
  • Treasury – 15% of the supply with 12 months cliff and 12 months linear vesting after
  • Yield farming – 30% of the supply and apparently it’ll be unlocked during 3 years
  • In-game Yield – 10% of the supply and apparently it’ll be unlocked during 3 years

As you can see there’s a lot of unclear info, first of all most of the information gathered here was not in their whitepaper and we had to find it in their Medium articles. The graphic doesn’t reflect what the numbers say as apparently all the tokens with the exception of Yield farming were locked for 1 year with 12 months vesting after but if you take a look at the graphic there are unlocks during more than 80 months which doesn’t make any sense.

Secondly, the allocations are horribly designed, all the presale tokens combined represent 40% of the supply and on top of that seed and pre-seed investors were able to buy the tokens for an extremely favorable price (even during the recent bear market they’re still up 5000%) and they only had their tokens locked for 12 months with 12 months vesting. Those investors will be able to sell all of their tokens before the game is even launched, it’s not a great look for the project.

Overall our impression is that the design of Illuvium tokenomics mostly benefits private investors instead of their community.

16 Jan 2023

Vesting ScheduleAllocations

Questions 50 by Pablo (
  • Why the private allocations had so short vesting
  • Why the pre-sale allocations were so big (40%)
  • Why the tokenomics page info is so vague
  • The graphic with vesting schedule is correct?

16 Jan 2023

Illuvium Community Channels 85 by Pablo (

Illuvium team managed to build a impressive community around their project with huge following and great engagement on most of their social media platforms, you can check all the details and our thoughts in the next sections.

12 Jan 2023

Social Media Platforms 85 by Pablo (

Illuvium has social media accounts on almost every major platform, let’s take a look at their exact numbers and how’s the engagement on them:

  • Twitter has 362.000 followers, the team is very active here posting at least once every day. Their tweets reach around 13-20k impressions and receive more than 150 likes and 50 retweets after the first 24 hours. There is no sign of bots usage and the numbers match up
  • Discord has 196.000 members with around 10% of active users on average, you can learn more about their Discord channel in the next section
  • Telegram has 22700 members and the engagement is decent although not great
  • Twitch has 18.500 followers and although their live streams doesn’t have too many viewers they do stream regularly
  • Youtube has 47.200 subscribers and more than 50 videos uploaded, there is no sign of viewbotting and their videos receive a lot of views, one of their first trailers received more than 1 million views
  • Instagram has 23.800 followers and decent engagement, the team posts quite regularly here
  • Medium is their platform of choice for announcements and more detailed news although they’re not as active here as they used to be some months back

As you can see the engagement is very decent on most of their social channels and their follower numbers are one of the highest you can find in any other blockchain game, and on top of that the team is really active keeping their community updated about the game’s development.

12 Jan 2023

Twitter NumbersDiscord Numbers

Discord Overview 90 by Pablo (

Illuvium Discord with almost 200k members has very good engagement, it’s very well designed and it’s very easy to find what you’re looking for.

There are 20 mods and they’re doing an amazing job, they’ll answer any doubt you can have and the channels are free of spam and toxic users.

There are several info and announcement channels where you can learn almost everything you need to know if you’re new to Illuvium, you can find all their official links as well as explanations about what you can find in each channel.

If you own some Illuvium NFTs you can connect your wallet to their Discord in order to get a special role that could have some advantages in the future, if you’re staking their token you’ll get access to special hidden channels.

There are several chat channels where you can discuss about things like the token price, staking, governance or post your questions to the team if you have some specific doubts that only the core team can respond. You can as well share your ideas for the project that could potentially be included in the game in the future.

The engagement is very good on most of their channels and of course the most used one is the “general channel” where all the users can discuss about basically anything related to the project. From what we’ve seen, there are a lot of messages at any time of day so no matter what time zone you’re in you can always chat with someone.

12 Jan 2023

Discord Engagement

Illuvium Team 85 by Pablo (

Illuvium is being developed by more than 100 highly experienced people, they worked creating videogames, TV shows and movies for several years and some of their members also have experience with blockchain technology which should improve their work even further.

Some of them worked at some of the most well known companies like EA, Ubisoft or Irrational Games among others, you can check all the details and experience of some of the most notable team members in the next sections.

12 Jan 2023

Team Overview 85 by Pablo (

Illuvium was Co-founded by 2 brothers who already were successful entrepeneurs for several years before founding the current project:

  • Kieran Warwick is the Co-founder, his experience is mainly in e-commerce and Marketing, he worked as Chairman at The Burger Collective
  • Aaron Warwick is the Co-founder and similarly to his brother his main experience is in Sales and Marketing, he owned a very successful franchise in Australia for 4 years

The rest of the team consists in more than 100 experienced members with several abilities, let’s take a look at some of the most notable ones:

  • Konstantin Lazukin is the Senior Game Developer, he worked as Software Engineer for almost 10 years at companies like AMC Bridge, Crytek or Blackwood Games
  • John Avery is the CTO, he has a 15 years long experience working in Technology at important companies like Oracle, Limepoint or Redrock Consulting
  • Basil Gorin is the Blockchain Lead, his 17 years of experience include working as Developer, Software Engineer as well as Blockchain Developer
  • Marco Arjona Núñez is the Senior UI Programmer, he worked creating videogames at some important companies like Electronic Arts, Lab Cave and Focal Systems
  • Andrew Wall is the Executive Producer, he’s a very successful Producer and Marketing Expert with more than 15 years of experience, he was also the founder of TGN.TV
  • Kostiantyn Bondar is the Senior Gameplay Developer, he worked as Developer and Team Lead at Ubisoft for more than 6 years
  • Vanya Panova is the 3D Artist, she worked as Enviroment and Level Artist at Ubisoft and as 3D Artist at Snapshot Games
  • Nicholas Malcolm is the Head of Production, he worked as Product Manager as several successful companies like Elmo Cloud HR, Rotor Studios, Matter Design & Digital
  • Nate Wells is the Game Producer, he worked as Creative and Art Director at some of the biggest videogames companies like Epic Games, Arkane Studios, Naugthy Dog, Crystal Dynamics
  • Alexandre Belbari is the Head of Animation, his experience includes working for companies like BBC, The Mill, MPC or General Electric among others

Between all the team members they worked on games and projects like: Bioshock, Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, Assassins Creed, Battlefield V and many more.

12 Jan 2023

Kieran WarwickAaron WarwickKonstantin LazukinJohn AveryBasil GorinMarco Arjona NúñezAndrew WallKostiantyn BondarVanya PanovaNicholas MalcolmNate WellsAlexandre Belbari

Marketing Team 90 by Pablo (

Scott McCarthy is the CMO of the project, he had a very successful career since he started as Brand Manager at Atari in 2000 where he worked for 6 years. After that he worked as Marketing Director and Product Manager at companies like Sony Computer Entertainment, FUNimation Entertainment and Twitch among others.

Maxim Val is the Digital Marketing Manager, he worked in Marketing for 7 years at several companies like Parasol Projects, Key Difference, Rebel Unicorn.

As you can see Illuvium marketing is in good hands, Scott and Maxim are doing an amazing job by just looking at the game’s initial success. Since the game was announced it quickly became one of the most commented blockchain games and it still is today.

If they keep working with the same commitment, the game should be even more successful once it has launched and potentially attract new players to the project.

12 Jan 2023

Scott McCarthyMaxim Val

Community Team 80 by Pablo (

Richard Reyes is the Head of Community and he actually doesn’t have any previous experience as Community Manager or in anything related, he worked as Team Lead and as Analyst at SoCalGas for almost 4 years.

Although he doesn’t have the experience he’s actually doing a very good job, especially on Discord where you can find him every day (as Rich | Illuvium) posting some news or answering the community questions. Other social media channels are also very well carried which clearly shows that he knows what he’s doing.

12 Jan 2023

Richard Reyes

Illuvium Partners & Investors 80 by Pablo (

Illuvium has signed some very important partnerships and attracted some major investors to their project, you can check how those partnerships will improve the project and which investors are involved in the next sections.

12 Jan 2023 – 16 Jan 2023

Guilds 80 by Pablo (

Illuvium team wants to have a big presence of guilds in their game and that’s why several major guilds are involved with the project.

Polemos is the first Illuvium-based crypto guild that raised $14 million and it clearly shows that guilds in Illuvium are one their priorities.

YGG, one of the most important crypto gaming guilds also partnered with Illuvium and they’re planning to offer a possibility to earn rewards for their members, they also invested in the project by purchasing their NFTs. It’s very likely that more important guilds will join Illuvium in the future.

13 Jan 2023

Partnerships 80 by Pablo (

Illuvium team signed several game changing partnerships with some of the biggest companies in the crypto space that’ll probably help them with the future development of the project. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most notable names:

  • Immutable X – It’s one of their main partners, their NFTs are based on their platform and the game runs on IMX blockchain
  • Warena – Is another crypto game and with this partnership they plan to enable cross-metaverse compatibility
  • YGG – It’s one of the biggest crypto gaming guilds and they were the first ones to collaborate with Illuvium
  • – The biggest travel website with crypto payments enabled the possibility to buy tickets with $ILV
  • Polemos – Another major guild that’ll have a major involvement in the game, they purchased several lands and they have their own special NFT collection
  • TCG World – One of the biggest metaverse projects
  • SushiSwap – One of the most well known DEX (decentralized exchange) in the crypto space

Laurin Bylica and Danny Wilson are the people responsible for finding new partnerships and as you can see from the list above they’re definitely doing things right. Both of them have a long experience after working at companies like ii5, Accenture, Utopia Labs or Harvey Morgan among others.

13 Jan 2023

Laurin BylicaDanny Wilson

Illuvium Investors 85 by Pablo (

Illuvium managed to attract several big investors to their game and they already raised $5 million in 2 funding rounds (seed round and venture round) in 2021. There are some big venture groups as well as private investors involved, here are some of the most notable names:

  • Framework Ventures (Lead investor)
  • IOSG Ventures
  • Tagus Capital
  • Delphi Digital
  • Stake Capital
  • Moonwhale Ventures
  • Stani Kulechov (Aave)
  • Sebastien Borget (The Sandbox)
  • Dansih Chowdry (
  • Kain Warwick (Synthetix)

13 Jan 2023

IMX Blockchain 90 by Pablo (

Illuvium team chose Immutable X blockchain which is a Layer 2 scaling solution on Ethereum to host their game. They’re also one of their biggest partners, they’re working closely on the game’s development and the Illuvium team benefits from their expertise in blockchain technology.

It’s probably one of the best blockchains for NFT games with no fees for minting and trading, extremely fast transactions and on top of that it’s 100% carbon neutral.

It’s also important to note that Immutable X counts with the Ethereum blockchain security which makes it one of the best solutions for any blockchain project especially after the recent hacks and other vulnerabilities.

It’s extremely easy to create a Immutable X account and you only need to have Metamask with a Ethereum wallet created and sign a message once. Bridging is also very easy and it takes only few minutes, you can check the link below with the step by step explanations.

13 Jan 2023

Immutable X Partnership

Illuvium Roadmap 75 by Pablo (

Illuvium doesn’t have a very detailed roadmap although they met most of their previous targets for now, which should give you more confidence about the future of the project.

13 Jan 2023 – 16 Jan 2023

Future Roadmap 70 by Pablo (

Illuvium has only few milestones on their future roadmap with no exact dates and although it may seem short, each milestone is very important, let’s take a closer look:

  • Private Beta – Currently in progress
  • Public Beta of Arena, Overworlds and Zero
  • Mobile version release
  • Announcement of a completely new Illuvium title

13 Jan 2023

Past Roadmap 80 by Pablo (

Illuvium team has achieved several milestones in the past and right now they’re in the last phases of the game’s development. Here are the most important things they’ve accomplished so far:

  • Transition to Unreal Engine (2020)
  • Pre-seed sale (2020)
  • Yield farming (2021)
  • IlluviDEX launch (2021)
  • First trailer released (2021)
  • Token smart contract (2021)
  • Illuvium Zero land sale (2022)
  • Private beta release (2022)

13 Jan 2023

Illuvium Buy Section 50 by Pablo (

Here we’ll take a closer look at potential opportunities to trade and invest in $ILV token but you should know from the start that due to its tokenomics it’s defenitely not a token we would recommend trading in the first place. If knowing that you’re still interested you can find our thoughts in the next sections.

16 Jan 2023

$ILV Entry Strategy 50 by Pablo (

After reviewing the tokenomics, charts and other available info we have come to the conclusion that it’s definitely not the most recommended token to buy at the moment, there is however a opportunity for long term investors but trading with only small positions is advised.

As you can see in the screenshots below, we prefered to use Log chart in this occasion as the potential entries require a more precise look at the price action:

  • Strategy 1 would consist in waiting for the retest of ATL (All time low) level at around $29, the ideal scenario would be waiting until the price breaks below this level and recovers quickly above $29 again, the recovery in this case should be powerful to add more conviction
  • Strategy 2 is for more patient investors and it would consist in waiting for the price to reclaim the $80 level that acted as main resistance level since August 2022

To check potential take profit zones and stop loss placements, you can head directly to the “Exit Strategy” section.

16 Jan 2023

Strategy 1 EntryStrategy 2 Entry

$ILV Chart 50 by Pablo (

After taking a look at the chart of $ILV you’ll immediately recognize the classic Burj Khalifa pattern that is very common in projects with poorly designed tokenomics where the price skyrockets during few months and then bleeds for the same amount of time due to linear token unlocks.

The tokens started trading in March 2021 at $64 and in November 2021 the price reached $1900 which was a impressive 3000% gain! Since that day the price started bleeding with almost no pullbacks completing the pattern mentioned above.

There’s one huge level that in our opinion is the most important one for $ILV and it’s around $480, it acted as support in August and September 2021 as well as in February and March 2022 and the price reacted violently once it was broken dumping additional 90% in less than 3 months.

The ATL (All time low) price is around $29 and it occurred in June 2021 and there’s a possibility that it’ll get retested during the next weeks/months.

You can check the normal and Log charts below with the marked levels.

16 Jan 2023

$ILV Chart$ILV Log Chart

$ILV Buying 80 by Pablo (

You can easily buy the main Illuvium token $ILV on most of the popular DEX and CEX with only few pairs available like USDT, BNB or WETH and good liquidity meaning that you shouldn’t encounter slippage issues. You can purchase the token on platforms like:

  • BInance
  • Sushiswap
  • MEXC Global
  • Coinbase
  • Uniswap
  • KuCoin

16 Jan 2023

Illuvium NFTs 70 by Pablo (

There are only few Illuvium NFTs available for purchase on Opensea and IlluviDEX, let’s take a look at the floor prices:

  • Land (0.41 ETH floor) – A necessary item for fuel extraction in Illuvium
  • Emotes (0.11 ETH floor) – Used to redeem for an emote in the game once launched
  • Badge (0.12 ETH floor) – Used to redeem for a badge in the game once launched
  • Genesis Promo Cards (0.6 ETH floor) – No announced utility at the moment

16 Jan 2023

$ILV Exit Strategy 50 by Pablo (

If you decided to follow one of our entries you can take a look at some potential stop loss placement and take profit levels:

  • Strategy 1 stop loss placement should be just under the recent low after the reclaim of $29, depending on your risk management you’ll have to adjust your position size according to that. As for take profit zones, the first place of interest would be around $50 where you could sell 60% of your investment and move your stop loss to breakeven. At around $80 you could sell 50% of the remaining position and leave the remains and sell them on the way up if it continues to go higher
  • Strategy 2 stop loss after the reclaim of $80 should be placed at a price point not lower than $73. First take profits zone in this strategy is around $115 where you could sell 70% of your position and move your stops to breakeven. After that depending on how the price will react it’s even possible that it could even reach $260 although in our opinion you could simply sell small bits of your position on the way up instead of waiting for something like that

It’s important to note that the main issue with $ILV is that the tokenomics are very poorly designed and the huge unlocks will continue for several more months so it could be a good idea to simply wait until the major unlocks happen and see where the price is then. As always you can check the charts below with all the zones marked.

16 Jan 2023

Strategy 1 ExitStrategy 2 Exit