As well as delight and surprise our community, we aim to…


​1. Bring in Gamers to a decentralised Metaverse. Offer a support framework for E-Sports/ building/ renting/ grinding and become the bridge between industry and Gamers.

2. Assist and educate players in all things they need to know in crypto. Which wallets, what games; offer value as an authority and education hub in the Metaverse.

3. Treat Gamers as athletes and rockstars and ensure they receive their value. Be a spokesperson for the Gamer community and Metaverse, guiding it to what Gamers want it to be.


4. Nurture the potential in The Metaverse; when we uncover somehing that would benefit our Industry partners, we release it to all parties.

​5. Entice development talent from traditional gaming. Inform them about blockchain’s potential and help to build on it. For good games we need the best Developers/ Story Tellers/ Creatives and Artists/ Product Managers from the traditional space.

6. Assist the gaming industry to take the ‘right way’ for the Metaverse, encourage the community to make good decisions for the Metaverse and Play AND Earn Games – for the Gamers: the industry is still ‘working it out’, it needs our help.


7. Transparency – some research will be rewarded to those of the community who contribute most, first, but we will never pump and dump and we will always give Best Advice.

​8. Educate, inform and open the Retail Investor’s eyes, on all things crypto; good and bad.

​9. Hunt down and rid ourselves of the chancers and the ruggers – make their lives as painful as they make ours.


10. Bring value and prosperity to our community, through execution of our manifesto and through our Community Investment Fund.