The team’s main goal is to create a community-driven economy where the skill and commitment will be heavily rewarded. Clans and alliances will be one of the main pilars of Mini Royale Nations and will work in a similar way as guilds in other games.

There are however some flaws with tokenomics, the whitepaper was last updated 1 year ago, it needs to be updated asap and the community engagement definitely needs to be improved


  • F2P
  • Very easy setup
  • Fast and fun gameplay
  • Doxxed team
  • Big investors involved
  • Clans oriented


  • Tokenomics issues
  • Outdated whitepaper
  • Graphics are just ok
  • Weak community engagement
  • Earn system could be too complicated for new players


Mini Royale Nations gameplay is extremely simple and that’s not necessarily a bad thing if you think about games like Counter Strike and their popularity, although it may not be a game for everyone, like the players that love Call of Duty for example.

To start playing you can just go to their website and press play and usually in under 1 minute you’ll be playing, it’s really that simple although we did find too many bots. If you want to play to earn rewards however you’ll need to use external wallet.

Although the gameplay is fast and fun, the maps are pretty small, especially for a 5vs5 game and they feel quite empty, in our opinion the team should create some bigger ones with more objects, different levels etc.


You can buy any Mini Royale Nations NFT on Magic Eden marketplace, there are 8 different collections between Premium, Special and Loot.

The first premium drop had 10.000 NFTs and sold out in seconds, now every new season the team launches new premium mints that give players some advantages like bonus experience or the possibility to participate in Clan Wars.

Usually there are no whitelists for premium mints but there are other mints where you have the possibility to be included in one by participating in Discord or having a premium NFT from the previous seasons, although the team never announces when they are taking the snapshot of the wallets.

There is no info about the future Land NFT mint which will have a huge impact on the game’s economy, if there will be a whitelist or something similar we’ll update this page with the latest info


Getting started in Mini Royale Nations is extremely easy, you just need a Mac or PC with a browser and you are good to go!

You don’t have to download the game, you can play for free so you don’t even need a crypto wallet and by just pressing play button on their website you will be playing the game almost instantly, in our opinion it’s a great move by the team giving any player the opportunity to try their game

If you plan to start playing to earn possible rewards, you can quickly create an account with your email, it only takes 1 minute and connect any Solana compatible wallet, there are many of them available like Phantom, Solflare or Trust Wallet. If you don’t have a Solana account don’t worry, it’s really easy and you need only a small fraction of $SOL for the transactions, you can check the link below with the explanation of how to create a new account

This is only a beta version of our research and findings. Full BIGDAVE database for the People launching soon.